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Drums Set Musical Instrument

drums-drum musical instrument-drum-drum set-drums-drums instrument-drums band-drummer-drums sound
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drums-drum musical instrument-drum-drum set-drums-drums instrument-drums band-drummer-drums sound

Drums Set Instrument Info

Accordion Instrument Family – Percussion
Pitch Range – E3 to B3
Material – Birch, maple, and poplar wood
Hybrids/Types of Accordion – Bass drum, Snare drum, Timpani, Tambourine, Chang-go, Tenor drum

Drums Intro

A drum in a drums set is a bowl or tube of wood, pottery, or metal that has a membrane at one or both ends. It makes a sound when the drummer hits the stretched membrane with the tips of his fingers or a rounded stick. A friction drum produces sound when you rub it.

History Of The Drums

Drums have been there since prehistoric times. They have remained unchanged for thousands of years. Drums are the oldest instruments in existence today. The early people were using drums in ceremonies and religious rituals. Drums were also used in the military to motivate soldiers and as communication tools.

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drums-drum musical instrument-drum-drum set-drums-drums instrument-drums band-drummer-drums sound

Typical Drums Set Sound

Drums produce a sound when someone hits their tight membranes. They are the keeper of the rhythm. They provide a foundation for the overall sound.

The sound of a drum in a drums set depends on the shell size and thickness, drum shape, shell materials, drum-head tension, drum-head material, location, drum position, and striking angle and velocity. In jazz music, most drummers play it using a brush to get a smooth and quiet sound.

The drum-head has the most impact on the sound. Different drum heads have different musical functions. A drum-head with a textured coating produces a less diverse pitch. The double-ply drum heads are the best for heavy playing. Most jazz drummers prefer single-ply drum heads with no muffin. Rock players prefer coated or thick drum-heads.

The head tension against the shell is the second factor. Increasing tightness reduces the amplitude of the sound while increasing its frequency. The higher the tautness, the higher the pitch, but the lower the volume.

To reduce the pitch of the drum, the drummer can either:

Use a thick skin
Tighten the drum’s skin
Strike the drum closer

Famous Drums Songs

Wipe Out – The Surfaris
XYZ – Rush
Drumming Song – The Machine
Good Times Bad Times – Led Zeppelin

Famous Drums Artists or Drummers

A person who plays the drums instrument is known as a drummer. Some of the famous drummers are

Ginger Baker
Stewart Copeland
Ringo Starr

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drums-drum musical instrument-drum-drum set-drums-drums instrument-drums band-drummer-drums sound

Three Drumming Tips

Drum sets are the easiest to play musical instruments. Here are three tips that will make you a prominent drummer:

  1. Balance technicality and musicality.
  2. Commit to doing something hard (challenge yourself).
  3. Practice every day (have a practicing routine plan).

Books to Learn the Drums Musical Instrument

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    3. Fresh Approach To The Drum Set by Mark Wessels     Buy here

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Drums Set Musical Instrument
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